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HUMETRON STABILIZER 2.0 is a medical device that stabilizes the operation site by pressing it without suction.

  • 5385_001
제품상세정보 설명
Product Name (HUMETRON STABILIZER 2.0) Packaging Unit 1EA ⁄ 1Box
Model Name 5385–002 Purpose of Application Medical instrument to guide positions
Product Authorization No. Daejeon Jeshin No. 13-27 Storage Store at room temperature
General Description HUMETRON STABILIZER 2.0 keeps fixture/bearing power for safe cardiac operation to the end.
Development of anastomosis device that can be opened by pressing it after surgery.
Gap between the square fixture was designed as 16mm to provide wider space for operation.


■ Instruction

  • 1. Check the packaging, breakage, and expiry date of the product.
  • 2. Connect the STABILIZER to Retractor.
  • 3. Suture the either sides of the lower end of coronary arteries being operated, and fix the body HUMETRON Tissue STABILIZER 2.0 onto the fixing clip of the pressing board.
  • 4. Remove the fixing clips to finish application of the stabilizer.
  • 5. To disassemble, loosen the connecting tube by turning the handle of surgical support counterclockwise, and gently lifting HUMETRON STABILIZER 2.0 off from the heart.
  • 6. After usage, the HUMETRON STABILIZER should be removed from retractor.
  • 7. The used STABILIZER should be discarded according to the regulations of the hospital.

■ Caution

  • 1. Do not use the product for other purposes, than those specified here.
  • 2. Do not use the product on coronary arteries, cardiac tissue with new infarction or aneurysm, or on tender tissue.
  • 3. Consult the experts before using the product.
  • Results of product application may differ, according to anatomic structure of the patient, pathological characteristics of the operation site, and technique of the surgeon.
  • 4. The product can be used only by doctors, or by medical staffs who took orders from the doctor.
  • ▶ <Application> section is to provide information only.
  • 5. Make sure to confirm the compatibility of the contracting muscle before using the product.
  • 6. Suction pressure should not exceed (-)400㎜Hg.
  • 7. Expiration date of the product is three (3) years after the date of manufacture.
  • 8. Although the medical guide HUMETRON STABILIZER 2.0 was manufactured in carefully controlled environment, as the manufacturer does not manage status of premise of product application, the manufacturer does not warranty for every incidents related to the application of the product, whether it is regulated or connoted. Therefore, the user of the product should be well aware of the exact application methods and caution to use the product without malfunction.

※ The product is disposable medical instrument, and is not reusable.